Tailgate Scout is a mobile web application that helps you find your friends’ location, their tailgates, and other tailgates nearby. Ever have trouble finding one particular spot in a sea of tailgates on game day? Tailgate Scout solves that problem and throws in a dash of fun for good measure.

Mobile App

Built for iPhone and Android devices the mobile application is the heart of Tailgate Scout. From here you set your location, create and check into tailgates, and earn points. To get started just point your Android or iPhone browser to www.TailgateScout.com and login using Facebook Connect.

Facebook App

The Facebook application for Tailgate Scout is an extension of the mobile app. Late getting out the door to the game? Use this application to quickly map where your friends are located. Stream their recent activity, see their recent tailgate check ins, or review the leader board.

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For help and questions see the Discussions area of our Facebook page

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